Update April 2017

You may have noticed some changes to your accounts in the last few weeks, here are the details….

Search bar

Have you ever been frustrated when searching for a child, parent or member of staff and felt like it took forever? Our new search bar solves this – just type two or more characters into the bar and it will quickly return all the available people on your site. Couldn’t be easier!

Help Tab

You will also now find a new tab at the right hand side of your screens named ‘Help’. We’ll be adding in frequently asked questions to this section and you can also use it send us a message directly if you have any questions or are struggling with how to do something.

New user role

For our primary school customers you will now see a new user role available for you to assign to staff – Principal Teacher. We are able to consider adding new titles in should there be the demand. These changes affect all customers so we can’t promise to accept every suggestion.

Child Start Date

A small change but, the child start date can now be entered on a child’s account. This is optional.

Parental Contributions

In case you haven’t spotted it, you are now able to create a custom area for parents to add simple observations of learning at home. It’s dead simple to set up and is another great way to encourage parents to take a more active role in their child’s journal. Full instructions can be found here

iOS app update

As many of you will know we launched our app for iPads at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately we had quite a few technical issues with this and had to remove it from the App Store.¬†We’d ask all customers to stop using the app for the moment until we get our update completed.

We are currently in the process of a rebuild and will release this first to Apple devices, then to Android as soon as it’s ready.

T’s & C’s

And just as another reminder, please ensure that you’ve read our terms of use. Yes, they’re very boring and yes they’re long, but they are important. If it makes you feel any better you should see some of the T&C documents we have to read! Read our T’s and C’s here

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  1. Linda Kerr

    Could there be an update to allow more than 1 photo at a time to be uploaded. Currently I can select more than one but when it eventually goes through the process only 1 has uploaded.
    The orientation for the photographs is also a pain, they usually require to be rotated then important parts of the photo need to be cropped.

    • david

      Hi Linda,

      We are working on the multiple photo upload feature, should be available soon. If you are using an iPad try and take the photos in landscape and the sizing should be correct when you upload.

  2. Townsend Barn Nursery

    Would it be possible to multi select photos, as i find having to upload each photo individually takes up alot of valuable time!

    • david

      Hi, Good news, we are working on this feature!

      It’s one of our most requested so we want to get it out and available to all customers as soon as we can.

  3. Pam Massingham

    Hi David
    Thank you for update really love using learning journals

    • david

      Hi Pam, great to hear! ūüôā

  4. Linda Kerr

    Hi , i was just wondering if there could be an update to mark children absent? This could prevent the notification of no observations have been taken

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