Learning Journals are coming to [NURSERY NAME]!

We are very pleased to announce that after a successful trial we have decided to replace our old system of personal learning plans with an online system created by Learning Journals.

This means that you will now be able to access your child’s profile any time you want, as long as you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection at home you are welcome to view your child’s profile from within the nursery as before by using our computer(s).

Learning Journals are going to enable your child’s keyworker to make observations of learning in a fraction of the time it would have taken previously.  This means they are going to have so much more time to play, teach and care for the children instead of filling out paperwork. It’s also extremely environmentally friendly too!

You are also going to have much easier access to the development and progress of your child, and it will be easier for you to contribute too!


The system is very secure. For the techy types among you the connection is made using a secure server holding a SSL certificate. (Meaning the address starts with https and carries the padlock symbol.)  You will be the only one outside of the nursery that can view your child’s profile and you will access it with a unique username as well as a password and PIN that you create.

What to expect next…

Login Details

Your nursery or school will email you with details of your username and a link to their Learning Journals site. You are required to set up a password which should be a minimum of 8 characters, at least one of which must be upper case and it should also contain at least one number. You will then be asked to choose a 4 digit PIN.

If you forget your username, password or PIN please get in touch with your Nursery or School and they will send you a reset email.

Observation Notifications

You will receive an email notification to let you know an observation has been added to your child’s profile. You can however login at any time to view new and old observations.

Contributing and Commenting

You have the option to comment on observations and also add photos of activities you and your child have taken part in at home.

Adding Moments from Home

If your Nursery or School have enabled Parent Contributions then you will see a blue button on your child’s profile called Moments from Home, Star Moments or something similar.

From here you can add photos and descriptions of any significant moments in your child’s development. See below:

Parent Contribution Example

Convert your Childs Profile to PDF

You have the ability to convert your child’s profile to a pdf. To do this, click on the button that says ‘Convert Profile to PDF’ and follow the instructions. This will generate a document with all of the observations and photos from their profile.

Conver Profile To PDF

We’ll be letting you know how the roll out is going to work over the coming weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please see [NOMINATED PERSON].

Many thanks,