As a parent you will now be able to see all the observations of significant learning that have been recorded for your child at nursery. The parent version of Learning Journals is really easy to use.

parent view

1. Login with your username, password and PIN combination. If you have forgotten these you can reset them here, or ask the manager of your nursery or school for assistance

2. If you ever want to change your password you can click on the settings link at the top of your page

Settings link

3. If you have more than one child at nursery or school their profiles will be separated with the tabs at the top of your page

Siblings link

4. You can use the curricular area buttons to see only observations that have been linked to that part of the curriculum

Curricular filters

5. You can view the learning outcomes associated with each observation by clicking on this tab


6. The nursery would love it if you would add your comments to your child’s observations –  when commenting think about how the observation links with what you have seen your child achieve at home.


7. If your nursery has enabled the daily diary feature you can find out about their day using the Daily Diary button

8. At any time you can convert your child’s profile to a PDF version which you can then download (and even print if you want to!)

9. Blue boxes are ones that you as a parent are able to contribute to. Use these boxes to add your own observations of your child from home along with photos. Your nursery can give you guidance on what these boxes can be used for.

10. The reports button will allow you to see any reports that have been completed for you child and the gallery button takes to you a display of all the photographs and videos in your child’s Learning Journals profile

Left panel