So, how does the system work for parents? What  can you see and do?

The good news is that for parents the system is so incredibly simple, you simply have to login and view your child’s observations and leave comments.

Logging In

When your account is set up by the nursery or school you will receive an email that contains your username. It will also contain a link for you to click that will take you to a page where you can create a password and a PIN.

Once you have these set up you can then login using your nursery or school Learning Journals website address.

This is also found in your initial email but follows the format of:


Forgetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your username, password or PIN you can have them all reset using the Forgot Login button at your login page. If you are still struggling you can ask your school or nursery to reset your details for you. This sends you another email  with a reminder of your username and a new link to create a new password and PIN

Viewing Your Child’s Profile

The observations taken on your child display on the screen from newest to oldest. You can scroll down and see all the observations that have been taken for your child since their Learning Journals profile was created.

Leave a Comment

One thing that nurseries would love more of is parent engagement and involvement.

One of the easiest and best ways for you to do this is to leave a comment on your child’s observations . Any input about how you can relate the observation – perhaps you’ve seen similar learning or progression at home – is all great feedback and very much welcomed. Don’t be afraid to add your comments!

Creating great quality observations of your child’s significant points of learning takes time and nurseries and schools love it when you leave comments on their child’s profile as this shows that all the time and effort they spend gets recognised.

The Gallery

You can see all your child’s images by accessing the gallery. You can also export and download them all from here. You can also upload your own photos to the gallery if you wish.

Exporting Your data and Keeping Your Profile

At any time you can use the Convert Profile to PDF button to export all the observations that have been taken on your child. There are several options that allow you to choose the date range, whether images are included etc.

Once you’ve made your selections and the report has run you will be able to find your files in your Downloads tab.

Moving To Another Nursery or School

If your child moves on to another school or nursery that uses the Learning Journals system then we are able transfer your profile so that all your observations are kept in the same place. Your parent account will get transferred at the same time and you will automatically receive a notification to let you know this has been done. Your school or nursery will take of the transfer for you.

Help and support

In the first instance contact your school or nursery for help with your account.