iOS 8 Probs


Apple recently released the latest version of their operating system for their mobile devices, iOS 8.

This version brought many improvements but it also unfortunately contains a bug that prevents Safari from uploading images to web applications. This is affecting lots and lots of services on line and unfortunately Learning Journals is one of them. If you upgrade to iOS 8 you will find that you are unable to upload photos to your observations

We now have to wait until Apple release a fix for this problem, however at this time they have not indicated when this will be released.

Our advice at the moment is to avoid upgrading your devices to iOS 8 until this fix has been released.

What Can I Do If I’ve Already Upgraded?

If you have already installed iOS 8 then it might not be too late for you to downgrade back to iOS 7.1.2. The following site has instructions on how to do this:


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