February Updates

New Features – February 2018

We’ve a couple of small but helpful features now available for you to help you manage some parent notifications and also highlight when there have been no observations.

Custom notification periods

Previously, children appeared on the notifications tab if they didn’t have an observation created in 7 days. This caused some issues for some customers who would prefer things to be a bit more flexible, especially those with long summer holidays.

Well, we’re happy to say that’s now been delivered and you can customise the number of days before this happens. This will also be reflected in the weekly digest email.

Go to your configuration tab to check it out.

Children with no attached parents

Sometimes a child gets added and for one reason or another no parent is associated with them.

We’ve added checkbox on the Children tab that will show you any children that have been missed. This is helpful to ensure that every parent receives information about their child’s observations

Additional information icons

In addition to the features above we have added a couple of new icons to highlight children with missing parents or no observations.

In list view you’ll see these icons displayed in line with the child’s name:

In profile view they appear on the child’s profile image:

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