Where Learning Journals Came From

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Learning Journals V1.0

An early version of Learning Journals

Learning Journals started life back in late 2011 at Arbor Green Nursery in Edinburgh. Owners Natalie and David Clark were discussing how difficult it was for staff to be able to complete the learning journeys for the children. Using a paper and pen based system it was simply too demanding for them to be able to accurately document and track each child’s learning to the high standards required by the nursery, the local authority, OFTSTED, Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate.

Natalie had over 15 years experience in childcare management and had taken Arbor Green to the dizzying heights of NDNA Scottish Nursery of the Year in 2012 and Nursery World National Nursery of the Year Runner Up in 2013. David worked at a leading online marketing agency in Edinburgh as part of the conversion optimisation team (which basically making it easier for people to complete tasks on websites).

Learning Journals in 2014

Learning Journals in 2014

With this combination of expertise they set about creating a system for Arbor Green that would let the staff complete this job quicker and with better understanding. Within a few weeks the first version of the system was ready for testing and the very fist observation was taken on a young chap named Robbie before expanding the testing group to a few more children and their parents. We quickly saw that it was going to be successful so rolled it out to the rest of the children. And that was where it was supposed to end…

We enlisted the help of a designer to make it look a bit prettier and then started working on the technology that would enable us to provide accounts to other nurseries. We included full support for the Curriculum for Excellence and EYFS frameworks and have since added many variations used by individual authorities throughout the UK.

From there it was simply a case of word of mouth spreading the name of Learning Journals throughout the country. Childcare can sometimes seem like a small industry where everyone knows everyone and it didn’t take long for Learning Journals to become the focus of managers meetings and cluster groups up and down the country.

We still pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers, indeed it is through them that we take inspiration when designing new features and updates to make our online learning journals system even more useful and valuable to childcare and education.

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